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The Dream
Gary Jackson invented the Aba Daba Do to strengthen and tone the core muscle group. When performed with proper technique and form the Aba Daba Do exercises will provide a full body and cardiovascular workout. The Aba Daba Do allows for an easy, optimal workout of the upper and lower abdominal and oblique muscles. It avoids back pain associated with conventional abs exercises, simplifies the strengthening/toning process and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, gym trainers and physical-rehab centers.

The versatile construction makes it one of the most multipurpose tool on the market in years: it features two D-ring padded ankle straps for comfort and hardware.

Health and Fitness became my life style after suffering a stroke at a young age.  I spent many long and difficult years rehabilitating my mind and body. 
I suffered through recovery my entire teenage years and well into my twenties with bad posture, stability, back and core weakness. 

I took to sports to strengthen and coordinate my body throughout my teenage years to gained more muscle control including hand and foot coordination.

I have dedicated my life to maintaining a strong and sound state of mind and body.  It was explained to me by my doctor during my rehabilitation that I would always want to keep my core muscles strong to correct my posture and stability.  I started researching the core muscle groups and how they support our day to day body movement and breathing during physical activity.  I learned how they keep the body aligned, stable and balanced.  After dedicating myself to working out, a balance diet and cardio, I developed six-pack abs and a sexy, strong and toned core.

In May of 2011, I was playing around with a design that came to me in a dream. I constructed three different prototypes before I came up with the finish product in November of 2011.  While using the prototype in the gym, I was approached by numerous individuals, asking where could they purchase the Aba Daba Do.  This encouraged me to file a patent for the Aba Daba Do in November of 2011.   I’m helping others change their health & fitness with hard work, words of encouragement and an effective product tailored to stretch and strengthen the core and more. 

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy your Ab Daba Do and remember stay true to your core. 

I have a dream.
G. Jackson

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